Business Roundtable | Infrastructure Week

Using our in-house video production and editing capabilities, our goal was to augment the impact of Business Roundtable’s infrastructure event and deliver the experience to a larger audience. In addition to live-streaming, our content team cut and packaged select clips from key speakers in real time. These clips were then distributed across BRT’s social platforms – allowing followers to engage with the event as it was happening and after its end.

Client: Business Roundtable
Services: Event Management, Content Creation, Video, Motion Graphics
Audio Visual: Showcall

01. Social Media

Getting industry leaders together on a panel is timely by nature, so the social media presence should correlate. We provided same day photos for social media pushes, along with quick turn around video edits to highlight specific panelists and their discussion. Pushed across Business Roundtable’s social media platforms, these helped establish the purposefulness and intent of their event.

02. Impactful Stage Design

Breaking the mold of a printed step and repeat for an industry panel can feel cumbersome. But, Business Roundtable wanted this event to look and feel bigger than a typical panel event. With the talent they had on stage, we needed the set to feel as big and as focused. With a wall to wall design, this event space felt entirely taken over. Bright, bold colors accented strongly on the white backdrop and framed LED wall.

03. Event Recap

We designed this event to have as much impact as we could both in the room, but also on camera. With a camera focused in on each panelist and a 20′ jib that gave us wide sweeping shots, we were equipped to edit down a direct and meaningful panel video that wasn’t glued to the center of the stage.