Google | Aspen Ideas Festival

Client: Google
Services: Event Management, Content Creation, Video, Motion Graphics

01. Experiential Design

Thinking beyond a typical white pop-up tent, we designed a custom fabricated, all-wooden structure. Powered entirely by solar panels, the activation provided festival attendees a space to get out of the sun, grab a quick refreshment, charge their devices, and interact with some of Google’s highlighted platforms.

02. Interactive Content

Google aimed to highlight some of their new initiatives around the Google for Jobs search platform, applications of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Experiments With Google
We developed a touchscreen application to demonstrate different use cases of artificial intelligence and machine learning. At its heart, AI is computer programming that learns and adapts. Doctors are using AI to detect breast cancer, and farmers are using AI to keep crops and animals healthy. Google made TensorFlow open source and free because they fundamentally believe in creating computing platforms that developers can customize and build on.

Google for Jobs
Last summer, Google for Jobs was announced. A platform that allows users to search for “jobs”, it pulls together job listings from across the web. The jobs can be filtered by distance, salary range, and works even on your phone. We developed an interactive map showcasing the top trending search questions for 8 industries across 19 cities in the US. Attendees could navigate through the states and industries seeing trends first hand.

screen grab jobs
jobs active screen

03. Engaging Video

In January 2018, Google created the IT Certification Professional Certificate because they faced the challenge of finding qualified candidates to join their support team. We created a motion graphics explainer video detailing the five-course training certificate developed by Google and hosted on Coursera. Designed to take 8-10 hours a week, users can complete the program in about 8 months and have the opportunity to share their information with top employers.

Our video gave attendees a quick visual experience, providing them with both an introduction to but also a deeper understanding of the platform. We built it to also introduce some of the success stories of Google employees that came up through the platform.

04. The Little Touches

Curb Appeal

Located right by the Aspen Institute’s residences, we designed this activation to grab attention. Beautiful red oak and natural fabric siding cast a warm light through the interior, drawing people in as they passed by. Plants from the region lining the patio promoted its natural look and home-style comfort.

Bringing Digital Outside

With the intention of showcasing digital platforms and technologies, we engineered a solar panel system to run the activation entirely off of renewable, clean energy. This gave us the ability to have multiple displays, Google Homes acting as DJs and fans to keep everyone cool without leaving a footprint.

05. Event Recap