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An experiential communications agency

World of Wonder SXSW

  • Great Big Story

In order to find and capture the world’s most amazing stories, Great Big Story has ventured to the farthest reaches of the planet. For Great Big Story’s SXSW presence, we helped them bring some of the most captivating digital content to life.

Our goal was to give attendees a deeper understanding of what Great Big Story does and why, all the while ensuring a truly immersive experience that was eye-catching and shareable. By focusing on four stories, we transported guests to exotic places and different eras to explore the tastes, sights, sounds, and cultures from some of Great Big Story’s fan-favorite videos.

Guests were able to indulge their curiosity in the “World of Wonder” by tiptoeing through a garden of deadly tulips, following the light deep into Japan’s neon-soaked Dekotora culture, and escaping a larger-than-life claw machine. Everyone who entered our “World of Wonder” interacted with Great Big Story’s digital content in a truly unique and fun-filled immersive environment.

Case Study - Google WoW