Creator Gifting: NFT


In 2021, as the world reeled from another uncertain year of dealing with a global pandemic, YouTube creators did everything they could to harness their creativity and inspire the rest of the world to keep going.

To return the favor, YouTube wanted to send its top creators %%a major thank you%% gift.

No average gift would suffice: it had to be as exceptional as each creator, push the boundaries of what’s been done before and energize their creative ADVOC8 stepped in to help.

We asked five emerging digital artists from around the world to each create an art piece that would inspire YouTube’s top creators, while also representing the experience of being a creator.


Gifts shipped







The pieces were then fed through a generative algorithm paired with the channel names of each creator we titled the output of this algorithmic procedure: On Being a Creator.

Keeping sustainability in mind, the custom-designed box converted into a mantle that creators could re-purpose to proudly display their inspiring, new pieces.

The gift, much like its recipients, was truly one-of-a-kind.

With 1,250+ remixed one-of-a-kind works of art, this %%limited edition NFT-made-physical%% art collection, was minted on FLOW blockchain and delivered to each individual creator.

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