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An experiential communications agency

Creating relationships through experiences

Who We Are

We are experiential communicators

The world is changing quickly and the same old doesn’t cut it anymore. Brands need to stay one step ahead and that’s where ADVOC8 comes in. 

We combine strategy, creative and production to develop multi-dimensional experiences that weave together digital and physical components with the power to change people’s perceptions, actions and beliefs.

Who We Are


Merch That Matters

We’re excited to share our latest insights report, Incentivizing Action With Merchandise, where we look at what’s shaping the future of branded merchandise. We’ve always believed in the power of branded merchandise as a way of amplifying your messaging, turning average gifting programs into experiential gifting experiences that make an impact..

Merchandise is at its most powerful when it becomes a statement of identity. That’s when its perceived value becomes far greater than that of the item itself.