Creator Gifting: Audio Love


Audible wanted to show their top contributors how deeply appreciated they are as members of their audiobook and podcast community.

We %%crafted a gifting experience that transformed story-listening%% into a feel-good memory for each creator.

ADVOC8 was thrilled to partner with Audible in bringing their vision to life, and ears.

Since Audible is known as an audio storytelling hub, our team would build a nostalgic listening experience, pairing fireside-chat feels with a modern-day twist.







We packaged the following goodies in a custom box that featured a glowing design, offering a fresh take on Audible’s brand elements:

  • A retro-style Crosley Montero bluetooth speaker
  • One seriously cozy throw blanket with subtly chic branding
  • Classic treats: hot chocolate stirrers and popcorn on the cob

What happened next? %%Heartwarming reactions from Audible’s creators flooded social media,%% expressing joy about feeling genuinely appreciated.

Mission accomplished.

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