Lightship Summit


As the concept of the metaverse gained popularity and exposure in 2022, Niantic — a global leader in augmented reality — asked ADVOC8 to help them produce their inaugural two-day Lightship Summit.

We would help Niantic %%bring a community of developers together%% to rally around a shared mission of building the real-world metaverse.

We knew the strongest way to unite attendees was showcasing the potential of AR to bridge the gap between real and digital worlds. To make that happen, we created an engaging space that would host 26 sessions and 62 speakers on three custom-built stages.

Leveraging Lightship’s developer kit and visual positioning system, we also built six points of interest designed to look like everyday objects. These were placed throughout the event space to trigger AR experiences.

The evening %%captured the spirit of creativity and imagination%% while also inspiring developers to dive headfirst into creating a real-world future metaverse.

At the after-party, guests were transported back to a time when augmented reality was something that only existed in sci-fi tales. Complete with pinball machines, the scene was set to feel like a 1980s Friday night out with friends.

Overall, this environment where developers could learn, teach, discover and play was a massive success for both internal stakeholders and attendees who are sure to be key players in the evolution of this incredible technological landscape.

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