20th Anniversary Celebration


In 2018, Google marked its 20th Anniversary with a time capsule event, held in Washington, D.C.

ADVOC8 was asked to %%turn two decades of groundbreaking history into an unforgettable celebration%% that showcased Google's remarkable journey.

To achieve this, we went back to Google’s roots, drawing inspiration from its founding days.

The event exuded a throwback vibe, evoking memories of Google’s humble beginnings and its incredible journey to the present. Staying on theme, we infused every aspect from decor and cuisine to beverages and celebration, with nostalgia and subtle reminders of the brand's pioneering spirit over the years.

When guests stepped into the space, they were immediately transported back in time to the garage and workspace where Google was founded. Navigating through the garage, guests entered a mesmerizing tunnel illuminated with projection mapping, showcasing a 20-year timeline of Google search trends.

Drawing inspiration from iconic memes and videos, attendees had the chance to indulge their sweet tooth at a colossal candy machine, immerse themselves in a YouTube music box featuring top music videos, or pose for glam selfies in a 90s-themed photo booth. 

Visual mementos included a LEGO replica of the original Google server and a bowl of Swedish Fish, the very first snack to grace Google’s pantry. 

The %%most iconic moment of the evening%% was a captivating stage presentation that showcased a timeline video tracing the evolution of Google’s fonts, doodles and Search features.

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