Accelera Launch


How do you announce a power-shift that has potential to change the world? Show them what that world would look like.

ADVOC8’s approach to the launch was simple, yet powerful: %%unveil the Accelera brand by bringing its future vision to life%% in a physical experience.

Leveling up from a typical reveal, we created an immersive experience that transported guests into what would feel like a sustainable future. To set the scene, we transformed the Rubbell Museum in Washington, D.C., into a futuristic oasis that blended new technology with vibrant greenery. The showroom featured interactive exhibits, insights from product experts, captivating product displays and digital content that shared the story of Accelera’s innovation and leadership.

The exclusive affair hosted 100 guests and included three representatives from the United States Senate and two from the United States House of Representatives. Also in attendance were notable figures from energy sector titans like BP and Chevron, logistical giants like Amazon and Bluebird, as well as key members of Cummins’ leadership.

This impactful brand launch garnered significant attention from leading media outlets with coverage by The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Forbes, Bloomberg, S&P Global, Yahoo, and more.

Helping Accelera debut as a driving force of sustainability, was truly an honor for our team. And while the event may have wrapped, the brand’s exciting journey of building a greener planet is something we can all look forward to for years to come.

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