Safer with Google


The run-up to elections brings a great threat of cyber attacks to those in the political space, more so than at any other time. This increased level of threat often comes in the form of phishing emails or deceptive malicious websites — especially to campaigns, candidates and policy staffers.

That’s exactly why Google wanted to bring the Safer with Google experience to Washington, D.C.

In an effort to promote safety, security and privacy, %%Google turned to ADVOC8%% to build the experience.

While sensitizing the audience to the dangers was important, we also knew balancing the sense of alarm through education would be key.

Guests entered the building through a tunnel with portal windows that showcased unique privacy tools and products. From there, they moved into a space where they could explore and learn specific security tools.

We started by giving attendees a behind-the-scenes understanding of the dangers that lurk online. Then, we showed them the tips and tools Google provides to combat these threats.

For a more interactive experience, ADVOC8 built custom privacy pods that guests could use to hold private conversations.

Each interactive element %%reflected Google’s priority%% of keeping users safe.

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