Lightship Launch


Niantic, the pioneering developer behind popular augmented reality games like Pokémon GO and Ingress, had already crafted a compelling brand identity for Lightship — its innovative augmented reality toolkit for developers.

However, in the ever-evolving tech and innovation landscape, creating a remarkable product isn’t sufficient. To truly make a mark and gain the attention of key developers and stakeholders, it must be launched with maximum buzz and impact.

ADVOC8, having already played a crucial role in shaping the brand identity, %%stepped back in to help develop five global events,%% with four objectives in mind.

First, position Niantic as a leader in AR technology. Second, win hearts and minds of developers around the world. Third, showcase the Lightship Developer platform to drive product adoption. And fourth, develop and stage five global experiential events held simultaneously.

These included a virtual global keynote presentation, a VIP event in San Francisco, a private VIP private party in London, a press conference with Niantic executives in Tokyo and sponsorship activations at the 2021 AWE conference in Santa Clara. 




Developer leads generated



For the events, our team developed a multi-pronged, multi-media experiential campaign, through live and virtual storytelling. We produced the pre-recorded keynote featuring Niantic’s top leaders, set the run of show, guided script development and conducted pre-screening interviews with brand partners and developers.

Additionally, we designed and built custom environments for all three experience locations, produced bespoke merchandise and ensured global continuity in the overall experience.

The campaign exceeded expectations and KPIs across the board, and won the %%Auggie Award for "Best in Show AR"%% at the AWE conference.

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