To the Future

Axios x Boeing

It's hard to imagine what you can’t see or feel — and nothing is more outside the realm of our existence than space.

So, Axios set out to create an experience that positioned Boeing as the leader in the race to space.

In today’s cluttered arena, %%how could Axios help Boeing break through as an innovator%% in commercial space travel, a government partner and country-first manufacturer?

They turned to ADVOC8 for support in creating a memorable experience for that breakthrough moment.

Our creative solution was to take guests on an intergalactic journey from Earth to space and beyond. Guests would arrive and embark on a guided journey through a custom-branded setting, moving from Cape Canaveral to the International Space Station, deep into space and beyond.

Here's what that journey looked like for guests: A ride in America’s first Space Taxi complete with vibrating seats and wrap-around projection. An International Space Station tunnel with an actual view from space. And finally, a custom infinity room to walk on Mars and step inside the still-being-imagined Deep Space Gateway.

At the end of their epic space ride, attendees were able to get hands-on with an actual Boeing Starliner simulator cab, and even got a peek at a Boeing astronaut space about feeling out of this world.

The event merged information and immersion to take policymakers, business leaders, media voices and military families on a first-of-its-kind space experience.

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